Kauffman’s Commercial Refrigeration provides the best service in HVAC/R.
Our technicians have completed such HVAC/R certified programs as:

BASIC REFRIGERATION 2004 (provided by The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association’s).

According to the program, the HVAC Technicians improved the skills of troubleshooting, installation, brazing, electrical and refrigeration troubleshooting and repair, systems diagnostics, etc.

✸ REFRIGERATION – 10/04 (provided by The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association’s).

The current certified program allowed to get advanced knowledge in operating of domestic refrigerators, freezers, defrost mechanisms, and electrical circuits.

  ELECTRIC CFESA (provided by The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association’s).

This program was dedicated to gas, electric, steam and refrigeration repair and troubleshooting.

  CFESA CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN TRAINING PROGRAM (provided by The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association’s) allows to repair air-conditioning and refrigerating equipment.

The course also covered the laws of refrigeration, compression cycle, latent and sensible heat, methods of heat transfer, and methods of cutting, bending, and torching tubing.

  AIR CONDITIONING III – TROUBLE SHOOTING (provided by HVAC DISTRIBUTORS INC.) allows our technicians to troubleshoot and repair central air-conditioning problems.

Abovementioned training programs help our company to maintain competency and improve the professional skills that make our technicians capable members of our professional team.

We never stop studying. Kauffman’s Commercial Refrigeration tries to do its best in the field of refrigeration.
It allows our customers to receive the best modern service.

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