Innovations in HVAC/R industry

Life is not staying in one place. Every day something new appears in the world. Fantastic novels become true. Now we are living in the future. Today, future means new technologies. So, what is next?

Smart house and application

Nowadays nobody is surprised by a smart house technology.
How does it work?

An exclusive design of your house, together with the application on your smartphone, helps you “to be in touch” with your house. If you have rooms that you do not use all the time, you do not need to waste energy to cool them down or heat them up. A special application on your smartphone helps you to manage climate in your house the way you want. Do you want to decrease temperature and humidity in the basement only? If you text the order in your application, it is no problem at all. The special system in the house will follow the order.

You can also switch off the air conditioner in your house while you are away, if you forgot to do it before leaving. You can text to your house from the airport then, and comfort temperature will be waiting for you. “Whom are you texting, dear? – Oh, just one note for my air conditioner”.

3d printed unit If you need a new spare part for your A/C system but cannot find it, a 3D printer will help you. Yes, it is a reality. Soon we will be able to print an entire A/C system, not only spare parts. The developers of 3D printer have announced a great 3D future for many industries, not only HVACR.

One more technology can surprise you: an air conditioner that follows you. It sounds creepy, but there is nothing scary in this process. This device uses sensors, which determinates your movements. If you leave the room, cooling of this room will stop. The low or high temperature will follow you through the house. This technology helps to save energy, what makes A/C technology environment-safe.

Innovations come to our industry every day: smart houses, 3D printers, sensors in air conditioners. Now life is more interesting than science fiction.