New trends of restaurant business

Life is changing every day. Non-stop progress forces business to create new ways to meet consumers’ needs. It refers to restaurant business too. The year 2016 was very productive for new trends in this area.

Today healthy food has become more and more popular. Its’ popularity is increasing for many reasons: environmental causes, high speed of a city life, and fast food overgrowth in big cities. A delicious food only does not satisfy customers’ needs anymore. More and more Americans demand a healthy meal.

Good-bye, fast food! Hello, slow food!

fast and slow food

The slow food is a healthy alternative to the fast food.
It is a new trend in a restaurant business based on the slow eating of healthy food, developing taste esthetic at the same time. Restaurants use a minimum of thermal cooking to save the taste of natural ingredients.

The customers of slow food industry want to enjoy the taste of mixed fresh products, not flavor of spices. There are mostly fruits and vegetables on a menu. The quantity of soup bars, salads bars, and vegetarian restaurants is growing up every day.

This trend in the restaurant business leads to a new type of restaurants. The open kitchen is more and more popular now, because customers can watch over cooking process, check the quality of products, and chef’s professional level. It also makes waiting for your food more enjoyable than watching TV or playing with your phone.

Restaurants of a national and religious theme also become more and more popular. These restaurants develop in new, unusual forms: coffee shop, pub, confectionary and fast food. A fashionable posh restaurant is not as popular as a small “mama-papa” place with a pleasant atmosphere and simple, delicious food.

A food truck is also a new form of street restaurant. A several years ago, there were only few “restaurants-on-the-wheels” in big cities. Now you can see hundreds of different types of food trucks: coffee trucks, ice-cream trucks, confectionaries, grill bars, traditional fast foods, pizza shops and mobile brewery. Modern food-trucks are completely equipped to meet the needs of consumers. People mostly enjoy buying food on the street.

Kauffman’s Commercial Refrigeration has introduced you to an overview of new trends in a restaurant business. We hope that 2017 will add something new to this list. Who knows, maybe a space restaurant will be the next trend? No matter what, our company offers you the best service according to new technologies and trends..